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The Diet Center and Sonny’s Journey

Posted at 4:50 PM, Jun 07, 2021

Sonny says as a young man he was an athlete and he was always conscious of his health and weight but as he got older, he gained weight. For the past 20 years he says he had this nagging 20 pounds that he couldn’t lose. He tried some of everything. When he saw the sign outside for The Diet Center, he says his car did a wheelie. Sonny lost the 20 pounds that he has wanted to lose for a long time, and he said it made him feel so wonderful.

Sonny said he had decided to lose the weight and when he finally found a program to help him accomplish that goal, he’d come in and say hello and such and they are a part of his heart now.

What is it about this program that worked for him that may have not worked for him in other programs or just doing it himself? Sonny says it was probably the science. He says he styles himself as a reasonably intelligent person and so he thought “I could do this” but he says he couldn’t do it. So, when he came here, and the wonderful people at The Diet Center told him to just follow the program. Sonny said there were a couple of times he thought if he ate less, he could do even better. With a chuckle Sonny says Sherry slapped his hands and told him to follow the program mister. He says there were times when he wanted to do his own thing, but he stuck with the program and it was the best thing for him.

When asked what he would tell people about just getting started. Sonny says there are two things. The first thing he would tell people who are thinking about it is to make up your mind and just do it and number two is follow the plan. He says it worked for him

The Diet Center has two WNY locations. They are located in Amherst and Lockport.

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