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Posted at 1:38 PM, Aug 31, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-31 13:38:46-04

Sheri Zillioux says in 2014, she didn’t feel well, she didn’t look good, and she got asked by 20 different coworkers when she was due. Sherry is the owner of The Diet Center and she knows firsthand what a struggle it is to get healthy. She says she went to the doctor and was told her cholesterol and triglycerides were very high and her diabetic numbers were out of control. She was a diabetic and the doctor wanted to put her on medications and Sherry says she had an epiphany right there in the doctor’s office that she didn’t want to take medications. She knew it was her diet; she was a sugar addict and she knew she had to change something. She told the doctor she wasn’t going to take the medications and to give her some time. She ate really healthy. Everything she put something in her mouth she would aske herself if this was giving her nutrition or not. She got off all the sugar and she felt great. She says the first couple of weeks were not so fun; it is an addiction just like a drug. Sent went back to see the doctor and the doctor couldn’t believe she had undone and reversed all of what she had told her earlier.

Sheri wants to help other people and she says it wasn’t that hard, so she opened The Diet Center to help people lose weight and get healthy like her. To get started you can go in for a free wight loss assessment. There is no cost or obligation for that. They will privately over what your weight it, your health goals and how to get started on a program. If you want to proceed, they get you started with weekly coaching. It is one-on-one private coaching. They will weigh and measure you and talk about your strengths with weight loss and maybe where you need some help and motivation and they are going to help you along the way. Sheri says you need a coach to be there for you, a guide on the side to tell you if you are doing it right or wrong or whatever but you need somebody. She goes on to say people on the program tell her all the time it’s the accountability. Diet isn’t magic. You need accountability to help you through the process.

Sheri says she want to help people not just lose weight but to keep it off. A lot of people will tell her when they are done with the program, it was the easiest diet they’ve done. It changes their life; how they look; how they feel; they have more energy, they sleep better and it is very affordable. Sheri says if you can afford to go through drive-throughs and buy junk food you can afford her program. It’s never too late. Right now, she has a person who is 90 years old doing the program. Don’t put it off, take it off The Diet Center Way.

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