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The City Mission's New Century Campaign

Posted at 1:57 PM, Aug 31, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-31 13:57:38-04

The Buffalo City Mission is in the midst of completing a 75,000 square foot Family Center of Hope. Aubrey Calhoun, Associate Executive Director and Public Relations says with so many people losing their jobs and can’t meet their practical needs this center is going to be a life link. This center will serve the community, not only helping our homeless neighbors but also to help people from slipping tonto homelessness. There will be social agencies, medical clinics, mental health services, job trainings, food, clothing and long-term recovery programs at the center.

For families that have lost jobs and income, this is a way for people to come to the center to get services that will help meet your practical needs. People can come and get breakfast, lunch and dinner. Last year alone they provided over 158,000 meals and they think because of COVID, this year it will probably increase 15% or 20%.

Aubrey says if they can make sure no one goes hungry and then provide the extra services on top of that like job training and education they will be able to really change the landscape of homelessness and really be able to help people stay in their homes and get the services they need so that City Mission can eventually get them out of poverty. That’s their whole goal to make sure that everyone in this community has an opportunity to prosper.

The dining room is thanks to Russell J Salvatore family. He has given $450,000 toward this campaign. The dining room will be called The Russel J. Salvatore dining room and be our guest let the City Mission to the rest.

There is a way you can help. The Pick a Brick Campaign is a 15 million dollar campaign. It is a fun and unique way for people to get engaged and help. They have already raised about 14.1 million dollars so far, so they have just a little more to raise. They are going to have a “pathway to hope” and you can purchase a brick. You can design your brick, put your name on it or in honor of someone else. You can purchase the brick upfront or pay in payments.

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