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The Citizens’ Climate Lobby hosts conservative climate leadership conference

Posted at 7:10 PM, Mar 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-14 19:10:24-04

The Citizens’ Climate Lobby are hosting the Conservative Climate Leadership Conference at the end of the month in Washington D.C. Many conservatives, especially young conservatives are concerned about the climate. Joining us on AM Buffalo to talk about just this is conservative outreach coordinator from the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Nate Abercrombie.

Nate says climate change is important to me because the area I call home is seriously threatened by its impacts. He is from a low-lying coastal part of Maryland, and he grew up fishing on the Chesapeake Bay where he saw entire islands that used to towns on them, that his family used to visit, slowly disappear due to more intense storms and rising sea levels. He says there are many other places like this both in my home area and in the U.S. with vibrant communities that simply won’t be able to survive if we don’t act.

Nate says being a conservative I would really like to see small government, free market solutions that meet the scale of the problem.

The Citizens’ Climate Lobby has a conference in D.C. at the end of the month. Nate says the purpose of the conference is to help people on the political right improve their climate advocacy as much as possible. He goes on to say, at this event we are going to hear from members of Congress, businesses executives, conservative climate groups, and citizen climate lobby’s own volunteers about their vision for how the right should engage with this issue. There will also be opportunities to learn about how you can affect change by writing letters, using social media and lobbying your member of Congress as a constituent.

Nate says we really believe that conservatives have an important role to play in the climate change conversation and that Republican members of Congress need to know that their voters are behind them on this issue and it is especially important that representatives hear from younger conservatives who we know are more than twice as likely to say that this is an important issue to them than older ones are, and politicians do listen so if enough people stand up and say I am a conservative, I want to see legislation pass on climate change then that’s when I think we will really start to see progress on the issue.

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