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The Center Medical Spa

Posted at 2:10 PM, Mar 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-19 14:10:08-04

The Center for Plastic Surgery does more than just give you more than an awesome pampering at a day spa; it goes so much deeper than that. They are a full-service medical spa. They have Dr. Sharf and Dr. Rigan in their office. They are present every day, so they truly work together to find the best routine for your skin. They love to pamper you but at the same time they are treating your skin. Ami Grieco, aesthetician medical spa says people come there when they are ready for change and ready to make their skin beautiful. Depending on your skin type is how they draw up your treatment. Grieco says usually it’s treatments in the office and also your home care. Taking care of your skin every day is important.

What are some of the best at home tips? Ami Grieco says her number one tip is sunscreen every single day. It is so important to protect your skin and cleansing every day, twice a day. Getting that make-up off at the end of the day helps your skin to its job at night.

You really can see results no matter when you start. The Center for Plastic Surgery has cutting edge technology. They also do peels and microdermabrasions; they have the hydro facial machine which Grieco says is incredible. They use that when you have an event or somewhere to go and it makes your skin beautiful and now they are bringing in the Morpheus8 which is a microneedling with radio frequency which they can also do with your own PRP which they get from your blood with a IPL laser for pigmentation.

Grieco says we are really treating your skin; we are going to make you feel relaxed but we are really looking to make changes in your skin and see those results.


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