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The Buffalo and Erie County Libraries are open

Posted at 4:24 PM, Sep 02, 2020

Mel Camp is inside the Buffalo and Erie County Library’s book mobile. She is joined by Mary Jean Jakubowski, executive director of the Buffalo and Erie County public libraries. She tells us the libraries are open. Literacy is critical for children; critical for learning but is also does so much more she says. It brings out their imagination and you enter a world and be a part of the characters. They can learn all sorts of things. It is also a great bonding activity with parents or siblings if they read together. Mary Jean says their motto is read 15 minutes out loud per day to your child and the world is open to you.

It’s not easy for all kids to get a book and that’s why the library is a great way to get books into the hands of children. Mary Jean Jakubowski says all 37 libraries across Erie county are open and what’s most important is that the library is free if you are a resident of Erie county, work in Erie county, go to school in Erie County or own property in Erie county.

This is library sign-up month. If you sign up for a library card you get a free gift. Actually, they have extended the free gift offer until the end of October because they believe getting the best card you can carry in your wallet, back pocket or backpack, if you are a young one going to school, is your Buffalo and Erie County library card., Come into the library and get your card or replacement library card and they are going to give you a free children’s book.

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