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The benefits of apple cider vinegar

Posted at 5:31 PM, Jan 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-26 17:31:11-05

Erin Palinski-Wade, dietician and author says the great thing about apple cider vinegar is that when we look at the research behind it is that just one tablespoon per day can help us to maintain a body weight, your cholesterol levels and even healthy blood sugar. She says with everyone making those new year’s resolutions now, you want to focus on those small simple things that you can actually stick with and one tablespoon a day is pretty easy to stick with.

What is it about apple cider vinegar that is so good for you? Erin says when you look at apple cider vinegar, not every apple cider vinegar out there is created equal. She tells her clients you want to look for a really high-quality brand. Bragg is Erin’s favorite because they have been around for over a hundred years, they are a leader in the industry and what they have is something called the mother in it. Erin says the mother, which gives it the cloudiness is actually where you are getting the health benefits. She says the reason it is cloudy is that it is a type of protein, and you get these protein strings that you see in the vinegar but in there are beneficial bacteria, we’re getting the acidic acid, we are getting what gives us those health benefits. Erin says you need 700 milligrams of acidic acid in order to gain the health benefits from apple cider vinegar.

If you don’t like the taste of apple cider vinegar, Erin says there are other ways to get the vinegar and one of the things she is so excited about now is that Bragg now offers a line of supplements, original apple cider vinegar as well as the true energy. She says this is fun because they combine B vitamins with apple cider vinegar, so you get the health benefits plus the lift in energy without the need for caffeine. The reason you want to get enough B vitamins is because B vitamins help convert food into energy. Erin says if you are someone who struggles to get enough energy, a lot of times we rely on too much caffeine or a quick fix like something sugary to give us this energy burst but then we just crash right after. So, with the B vitamins you get a more sustainable energy in a more natural way because it is really helping your body to take food and convert it into energy. Erin says you have to be careful with any vitamin you are taking because you want to make sure you are getting a reputable brand but the other thing too, and I know they are very popular right now, when you think about gummy vitamins. She says when you think about apple cider vinegar, with gummies you would have to take an enormous amount to get the right dosage; to get that 750 milligrams of acidic acid, you would have to take 30 gummies a day, so with something like this, there is no sugar in it, no artificial flavors or additives, it is vegan and you only need that one daily dose of capsules.

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