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The Aesthetic Associates is open and welcomes you back

Posted at 6:12 PM, Aug 03, 2020

Mel Camp catches up with Dr. Sam Shatkin to find out what precautions they are taking in our new way of life. Dr. Sam Shatkin says they’ve always been careful in their practice about cleanliness and sanitation but now they are being more cautious. Everyone wears a mask that comes to the office and the plastic surgery patients re getting phone calls from the parking lot telling them when they can come in so we know they aren’t going to be waiting too long of a time in the waiting area and when you come in they will check your temperature. They are following all the CDC protocols.

Many of us gained weight now known as the COVID 15. The Aesthetic Associates Centre can help. Dr. Sam Shatkin says in addition to doing services to remove the fat, surgical or non-surgical, they’re also doing weight reduction classes. They have actually been doing them for awhile. but now it is more prevalent with the quarantine 15. The Aesthetic Associates Centre has a nurse who is also a diet and nutrition expert.

Many of patients are starting to return. Some of their regular patients and new patients may be concerned about undergoing surgical procedures. Dr. Shatkin says they have their own surgery center. They follow all the protocols they need to and it is very safe. For those who want nonsurgical procedures they have a procedure called warm sculpting or SculpSure. It’s a treatment where they use a laser. The laser removes the fat in the area you want to lose the fat. So those who don’t want surgery or aren’t a candidate for surgery, this may be a perfect option for them. They have the surgical procedure liposuction that they do for the more definitive removal. Some people don’t need surgery or nonsurgical procedures they may just need some direction with weight management and the Aesthetic Associates Centre can help you with all of that.


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