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Tech gifts on a budget

Posted at 5:51 PM, Nov 24, 2021

Smart phones were the number one most requested tech item this holiday season. Tech exert Andrea Smith says if you are going to buy smart phones for the whole family, getting that flagship phone is going to be quite the premium. Andrea has a really good money saving tip for you. She says get a Samsung certified re-newed smart phone like the premium Galaxy S20+ with 5G without that premium price tag. Each device is refurbished like-new condition with a new battery eco-friendly Samsung parts and a one-year warranty. You’ll get that amazing pro-grade camera system, 8k video recording and a vibrant 6.7” AMOLED display but you are going to get it a lesser rate and if you have an eligible trade-in you can save even more money.

So many people started gaming during the pandemic. Andrea has some really affordable gaming accessories like the SteelSeries Glow Up Gaming pack. This is every essential you’ll need, keyboard, mouse, and headsets. The APEX 3 is a water-resistant gaming keyboard. It is water-resistant so if you kids spill something on it, it will live. They also have mice and headsets. The APEX 3 is a precision all skill levels. Andrea says the Arctis 1 headset can be used with any game console, and it has a detachable microphone, so it does double duty as great-sounding headphones.

For gaming anywhere, at home or on the go take a look at the OtterBox gaming portfolio. Andrea says it just bridges the gap between smartphone and controller gaming. The Mobile gaming clip holds your phone securely in place while the easy grip controller shell lets you personalize the look and feel of your controller. She says you can take it all on the go in the gaming carry case - just like OtterBox’s phone cases, you know they’re going to protected and safe.

If you are looking for a last-minute gift a gaming subscription is always a great gift for someone especially if you know their interests. Andrea says, for instance if there is a car lover on your list you can sign them up for MotorTrend+. She says this is a multiple-device, commercial-free streaming service offering the best in automotive entertainment. They have their best deal of the year starting Black Friday. Andrea says you can get MotorTrend+ for .99 cents a month for 6 months and they are going to have lots more deals throughout the holiday season.

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