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T-Mobile’s Project 10Million

Posted at 3:30 PM, Oct 06, 2021

Estimates of the number of students who lack reliable internet connectivity outside of the classroom range greatly. What is known for sure is that this issue, known as the homework gap, has affected millions for many years. It’s why last year T-Mobile launched Project 10Million, a ten point seven-billion-dollar initiative to tackle this digital divide.

The timing couldn’t have been more critical. When Covid-19 hit, students without reliable digital access were not only left behind, they were completely cut off from the classroom.

Project 10Million offers free internet and free mobile hotspots to up to ten million eligible households over five years, and T-Mobile has already connected three million students nationwide since the start of last year.

T-Mobile believes that every child deserves access to the connectivity they need and now through Project 10Million, they’re making that a reality.

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