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T-Mobile 5G Across America home internet

Posted at 5:43 PM, Aug 05, 2021

Today more Americans than ever before rely on their home internet for work, access to education and the ability to connect with family and friends. Jon Freier, executive vice president T-Mobile consumer groups says, the sad reality is that access to broadband remains extremely limited in the United States especially in smaller markets and rural areas which is the backbone of this country, and these communities have been underserved for decades. They recently launched a new service, a new product called T-Mobile Home Internet. He says the T-Mobile home internet service uses the same exact 5G network that our smart phones work off of. It works like any other broadband service but instead of connecting through a cable in your home, it connects wirelessly through a modem and it is known as fixed wireless internet. He says it is bringing a new option to millions of Americans who previously haven’t had a choice for reliable or even affordable home internet and with fixed wireless, there is no need for wiring or installation, and it is simple. Jon says there is a dedicated team that you can call if you have any questions, it’s incredibly fast, it can support multiple devices throughout the entire family. You can stream your favorite movie, take Zoom calls from the remote office and even your kids can do their homework online and they can all do it at the same time.

Do you have to be a T-Mobile customer to sign up for this service? Jon says, they would like you to be a T-Mobile customer, but you don’t have to be a T-Mobile customer to sign up and it is available to everyone, not just their T-Mobile wireless customers.

For more information visit and put in your address and check it out. Jon says their teams are working hard to continue to expand into more areas so if you don’t see your address just yet, that’s okay, make sure to sign up and they will notify you when your address becomes available.

For more information visit