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Surviving holiday travel

Posted at 5:05 PM, Nov 19, 2021

This holiday season many people will be opting to travel for the first time since the pandemic. Travel expert Meggan Kaiser, author of “Everywhere for Nothing: Free Travel for the Modern Nomad, has tips to help navigate the busiest travel season in years.

What should we do to survive the busiest holiday travel season in years? Meggan says to remember to pack your patience. She says it might be a little crazy out there, but you have to get there to get there and it’s just part of the process and if you can accept that then you are good to go. Remember you are going to see friends and family, experiencing new things, and getting time to relax.

You are bound to forget something. Make sure you don’t walk out the door without your toothbrush. Meggan says her new favorite is the Oral B Clic. She says it is perfect travel companion this holiday season with its next gen crisscross bristles, and Clic gives a remarkable cleaning performance and truly comfortable brushing experience wherever you go. It is as effective at cleaning as it is sleek, and it has a reusable handle so that means you only have to replace the brush head and you use 80% of this brush every time.

When you’re traveling don’t forget your deodorant. Meggan says her favorite is the Secret fresh and invisible solid. It will be busy this holiday season and at the airport the Secret fresh collection offers 48-hour protection for both sweat and body odor with their sweat activated formula.

Sometimes travel can make it tough on sleep whether is it jet lag or just not being in you own bed. Meggan always travel with fasting acting liquid Melatonin from Life Extension. She says they are the health solutions expert to support overall health and wellbeing this season. Meggan says it provides three milligrams of melatonin supporting healthy restful sleep, even encouraging cellular health which means a boosted immune system.

Who doesn’t love a good travel deal? Meegan sys according to a new research by Priceline, over half of Americans are planning a trip this season so whether it is for your own travel or a holiday gift Priceline is helping you save on your dream vacation for the holidays during their six weeks season of savings sale. Meegan says you can maximize these savings by bundling, booking your flight and hotel together. You save money and time, and don’t miss their rewards program it’s Priceline VIP.

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