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Summer skincare guide

Posted at 5:04 PM, Apr 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-22 17:04:30-04

The skin is our largest organ, and it is responsible for protecting our insides from the outside environment. says if there is irritation on the skin barrier you can get rashes, itchiness, cuts and even infections that can travel inside so it is important to have a safe an effective but easy skincare routine to take care of your skin barrier. Melatonin is a pigmentation that makes up our skin color and we all have melatonin, the darker the skin tone the higher the concentration of melatonin. Dr. Love says instead of color we see an increase in hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and also, dryness of the skin that can show in the form of white flakiness in the top layer of the skin.

Dr. Love says the first step in a good body routine is to check what you are doing in the shower. You want to make sure your shower are less than ten minutes and that you are using a hydrating body wash that effectively cleanses the skin without irritation. She says she loves the Olay formulas because they contain petrolatum which is the number one dermatologist-recommended hydrating treatment. She says Olay Fearless Artist Series Body Wash collection was designed and formulated by diverse group of women scientists at Olay.

There are three products in the Fearless Artist line; a body wash formulated with cocoa butter to nourish the skin, a body wash formulated with aloe to sooth skin and a body wash formulated with vitamin C to help even the skin tone.

In addition to what’s inside the bottle, Dr. Love says Olay also partnered with a African-American artist, Avery Williamson to design the beautiful outside of the bottles and so from the inside to the outside they are designed to uniquely address the skin concerns and skin desires of women of color.

Dr. Love says you can find Olay Fearless Series at Walmart, Target, and Myers for $7.99.

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