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Summer Day Camp at the YMCA

Posted at 5:10 PM, Jun 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-24 17:10:33-04

Summer vacation has started, and the kids are looking for something to do. The YM CA has a great summer camp. Jessie Bari, childcare programming executive for YMCA joins us to talk about summer day camp at the YMCA.

She says, “Our camps, a lot of them did fill up very quickly this summer. I think parents are eager to get their kids outside and playing with their friends and maybe away from their screens a little bit. We do have some spots still available, the locations might be limited but definitely parents can take a look at our website, YMCABN.orgto see what spots may still be available.”

What do kids do at Y camp? Jessie says, “I can tell you they will be busy. By the end of the day they are exhausted so will sleep really well at night even if they can’t tell you what they did all day.” She tells us every location is a little bit different, but they definitely will be playing with friends. She says they will be swimming at many of their locations or doing fun water games outside. They are doing arts and crafts, might be on a climbing tower or maybe even a zipline, learning archery. They might be playing GaGa for Foursquare, those are the two big things at a lot camps. Jessie says the kids love to get together, play together and they are probably going to be making a lot of messes and maybe a little dirty by the time they get in the car on the way home but it’s just about running around outside and being a kid.

What are some things parents should consider when packing our kids up each day besides lunch and sunscreen? Jessie says, “Put the sunscreen on even before they come to camp. We are going to prompt them to reapply throughout the day but send them with it on really, really well so they are set for the day.”

Another tip is water. “Jessie says, “Send a water bottle. They will refill it throughout the day and make sure they are drinking water at home too.”

Make sure they have sneakers on. They will be outside, running around, they are going to be busy and Jessie says that is key.

Weather appropriate clothing. She says probably a couple of extra options when it comes to clothes and a healthy lunch. Jessie says, “they are going to burn a lot of energy throughout the day so we really encourage kids. Make sure you are sending fruits and vegetables and things like that.”

Bathing suit and towel, an extra set of clothes. Whether they are doing swimming lessons or water games outside, she says they are almost always going to get wet in some way at camp, so a bathing suit and towel are good too.

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