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Spring up your wardrobe

Posted at 4:21 PM, Apr 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-29 16:21:53-04

Melissa Austria, fashion curator and stylist for Gotsyle says one of the things for Spring is making sure you are aware of shape. She says for so long for men and women we were all about tight and skinny but she things with COVID we all have put on some COVID weight. She says we are going to see relaxing of the silhouette. You are going to see different changes in volume. It is either going to be bigger on top or slimmer on the bottom and we are seeing fuller leg pants, even pleats for men and women and then slighter tighter on top so it is playing with proportion a little bit. Melissa Austria says the good thing there is that crossover of you can be comfortable but still look sleek. She says on the men and women side they are doing a lot of dress pants joggers. It looks like dress pants but it still has that jogger waist so you are still feeling comfortable, but you still look smart.

It’s not just about shape it is also about color. Melissa says because we have been living in a world of black t-shirts and grey hoodies for so long, we need to embrace color and we need to embrace the pastels. She says when you are on a Zoom call, at least you will pop a little bit on the screen. A lot of people default to black and dark colors and you just kind of disappear so just doing one small thing like changing your t-shirt to a pastel color t-shirt will make a world of difference.

For all those Zoom calls she says it is about that hybrid of comfort and style. It’s all about jersey fabrics and four way stretch fabrics that give you that business look and sweatshirt comfort that we all want now and refuse to give up.

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