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Spring break at home – Niagara Climbing Center

Posted at 6:28 PM, Apr 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-08 18:28:52-04

Emily and her family are showing us fun things you can do right here in Western New York for Spring break. Today, they are going indoor rock climbing.

Niagara Climbing Center has extended hours for Spring break. They are open from 11am until 9pm Monday - Friday and Saturday and Sunday’s they are open from 12 – 6pm. Rhonda McGuire, owner of the Niagara Climbing Center says they have been around since 1998 and they are very skilled in what they do. She says it is priced very reasonably and it is fun for families, friends for just anyone.

Rhonda McGuire says the best part about coming out and climbing at the Niagara Climbing Center is just the excitement you see in the children when they first walk in the door. She says they are always so excited with it; the trill of climbing and accomplishment; something they are afraid of with heights or just self esteem and it’s wonderful to see how children and adults are challenged and how confident they feel after words.

They offer two different types of climbing, sport climbing and league climbing and bouldering. They also offer top hill climbing where you are in a harness and you are actually attached to a rope and it is more comforting for first time climbers. The first-time climbers will start there and after they feel comfortable and then they will give them a lesson on how to boulder. Boulder is when you are not in a rope, you’re not attached to a rope and you are not in a harness. If you fall you are going to land on crash pads. It’s very fun and you don’t need a partner to boulder and it’s a low cost to do it. You need climbing shoes and a chalk bag and that’s all you need says McGuire.

There is also league climbing and that’s where you are climbing along the ceiling.

The Niagara Climbing Center does do birthday parties. They are only doing one at a time so there isn’t any overlapping, however, they do have them during normal business hours. If they do have groups with an excessive number of climbers, they will have them come in either before they open or after they close to ensure they don’t reach that capacity limit.

No reservations are required. They are following the COVID standards and they have limited capacity, but they have not had any issues reaching that capacity.

Rhonda McGuire says you do have to fill out a participation form filled out but other than that just come on in.
For more information, visit their website by clicking here.