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Spring break at home – Explore and More the Ralph C. Wilson Children’s Museum

Posted at 5:03 PM, Mar 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-29 17:03:35-04

Emily Lampa and her family headed over to Explore and More the Ralph C. Wilson Children’s Museum for their first Spring break at home adventure.

Michelle Urbanczyk says it is a place for everyone. If you have a young one or you are a grandma or grandpa coming it is a hands-on. They were specifically built to be touched. She says what she loves is that the parents are having what she call’s that down time too because they’re playing and having fun. She says for a lot of their families they start in the morning, play, then grab some lunch in the cafeteria and then go back and play again and make a full day of it.

Michelle Urbanczyk says during Spring break, it’s Erie County’s bicentennial. It is Erie County’s 200th birthday on April 2nd so they are launching their 716 promotion which means all of their tickets are $7.16 all through April.

There is a new exhibit at Explore and More the Ralph C. Wilson Children’s museum. It is the Delta Sonic car wash. They have it as authentic as they could starting off with the booth, and getting the car. They have the pull forward sign, it’s going into the car wash with the liquid floors and the walls with the water coming through to the heat hitting you at the end. She says they wanted to make authentic without being scary because it is a dark place. Kim Allen, Delta Sonic marketing director says every kid likes the car wash; the lights, the bubbles so they thought what better way to showcase their business than doing it for the kids. She says they worked hard with the design team that Michelle brought them and went through what their wash looks like; what their goals for the car wash are which they are very focused on the show for the customer so the lights, the bubbles obviously the mechanics of cleaning the car but they wanted the kids to experience what they do for adults. She goes on to say the kids are actually learning the process and they are having fun with it.

You can buy tickets online. They do take some walk-ups, but it is dependent on availability. If they are sold out for a day Urbanczyk highly recommends calling because they will tell you if they have the space for that day. She says they continually monitor in and out for occupancy. She says somethings they have a little guy who starts in the morning and they are in and out in an hour and half and they actually have some room for families to come in. They try and fit as many as they can safely within the constraints. They are open every day during the break and then right after May they are going to open for five days a week.


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