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Smart meals for busy families

Posted at 6:22 PM, Jan 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-19 18:22:38-05

There are some easy things we can all do to make the new year a healthy one. Wellness and lifestyle expert Jamie Hess has some tips.

Jamie says eating healthy and making better for you choices should be fun; it should be delicious and it should be a fun endeavor for the family.

First she says, set realistic goals for your family. Maybe you aren’t going to go meat-free tomorrow, but perhaps you can drop out a couple of meals a week for a plant-based version. One product she is loving right now to help her family do that are Gardein’s ultimate plant-based chicken products. They have all the ways we love to enjoy chicken, but in a plant-based version.

Don’t be stressed out by veggies because you think they take too long to prep or whatever the case may be. Jamie says Birds Eye Steamfresh vegetables are a great way to incorporate vegetable in meals. She says they are picked at their peak of freshness and then they flash freeze them within hours of harvest. It locks in all those great nutrients.

Jamie says another great meal idea from Birds Eye to incorporate more vegetables and just make a better choice are their sheet pan meals. She says it comes in a bag you put them on a sheet pan and put them in the oven and you can have an entire oven roasted meal in 25 minutes.

When you need a quick and convenient meal, Jamie says skip the take-out, you can do better. Have great things on hand, in your own freezer so you can just a heat and eat option at your fingertips. She says she loves Healthy Choice zero bowls. These are in line for a healthy or low carb lifestyle. They have no added sugar, no artificial colors, preservatives; and it is quick and easy.

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