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Smart Holiday Shopping

Posted at 5:34 PM, Nov 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-19 17:34:41-05

Smart shopping expert Trae Bodge, has some tips for holiday shopping 2020 style. Holiday shopping is going to look different this year. People are going to be shopping online more than ever. The good news is that if you are looking for deals, they will be available across all platforms. Trae Bodge says she hoping that holiday shopping for our loved ones will bring some joy back into our lives as well.

It’s not always easy to buy for everyone but Trae Bodge has some good ideas. For people who are hard to buy for Trae suggests buying something that will keep them busy. One idea is a fabulous game from called A Game of Cat & Mouth. It sets up quickly with easy rules. It’s a two person game but you can do tournaments.

Rosetta stone has something called their lifetime subscription. It gives the recipient access to 25 languages and it never expires.

There are so many digital gifts you can order and buy. For instance, personalized gifts which Trae Bodge thinks will be really hot this year because we are not seeing our family members as much and so something personalized is a great way to connect.

Trae says she just discovered the My Magnet Tiles. It is a magnetic building game for kids, but you can actually make them quite sleek and sophisticated with your own photos. You can use them for display or play.

You also can do something called Giftya which is a digital gift for spending money. You design it on your phone, add photo’s messages, video and you send the recipient money for their favorite store. They receive by text and they can use it right away. The recipient can switch retailers or opt for a VISA gift card if they want. There is a lot of flexibility with this gift.

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