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Shopping ‘social’ launching: A season of fun experiences

Posted at 4:24 PM, Nov 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-22 16:24:13-05

Online shopping as become the new normal and that’s especially true this holiday season as we continue to navigate the pandemic. Luckily there are more options than ever to find great gifts online.

Style and online shopping expert Michelle Madhok has teamed up with Facebook and Instagram to share details on how to help make this holiday a success for businesses and buyers.

Michelle says you can find some great gifts on Facebook and Instagram and we are doing a lot of great things this year. They have live shopping everyday of the holiday season with brands you love like Sephora and Petco are going to host live shopping streams where brand experts, influencers, and celebrities will demo their favorite holiday gifts live. They are offering exclusive discounts and dropping new products during the events. She says the best part is you can ask questions and get answers directly from the brand and feel confident that you found the perfect gift. You click to purchase from the live stream, and it is super easy.

How do we get started? Michelle says go to your favorite store’s Instagram or Facebook page like for instance, Macy’s on their Facebook page last week highlighted the hot holiday toys. They answered questions while you are there, the brand will directly answer questions. She says you can ask about the fit, whether it is good for certain age groups, how to use it and you can really be sure you are buying the best gift and then you can go ahead and purchase it right there. Michelle says, it’s like talking to your favorite store associate only it’s easier because you are doing it on your phone using the apps. Use the tabs that say shop on both Facebook and Instagram and there you can see what you can RSVP to, and what’s coming up so you don’t miss any of these great events.