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Shopping is an adventure at the Rustic Buffalo’s Artisan Market

Posted at 6:32 PM, Oct 27, 2021

Mel is back at Rustic Buffalo’s Artisan market where shopping is an adventure. Rustic Buffalo features 110 local artisans who make everything from seasonal gifts to unique fashions, home décor items and a whole lot more

John Pirrone, co-owner of Rustic Buffalo Market says we’ve all come together, and we created this amazing shopping experience. They have a two-story barn with close to 2,000 square feet inside. John says then the house became available, and it is on the same property; it only makes sense; we have a list of applicants why not take the show on the road within ten feet so that is exactly what we did and then another building became available, and we did the same thing, so it’s been a wonderful experience.

If you worked up an appetite shopping, you can stop at the Rustic Buffalo’s Artisan’s Market bake shop and café. The café has fresh sandwiches, fresh pasta salads and baked goods. They aren’t made onsite but are brought in on a daily by their artisans.

John says people keep coming back because there is so much to see, and everything changes so fast. He says it’s not like you go to the store once and it’s the same thing two weeks later. It’s different, but 48 hours later. Nothing is the same because the artisan’s have access to the buildings all of the time. John says they come in and are constantly restaging, constantly replenishing, constantly making so we don’t’ have those supply issues that normal stores do because our artisans are local and they constantly making and it’s such an adventure.

There are 110 artisans and Johns says there is a waiting list of over 400 artisans throughout the community. He says what they do is they go through their applications. The artisans submit applications with pictures and John says we have a judging team that goes through all of their paperwork just to make sure we are all on the same page and we are picking the best of the best for Rustic Buffalo.

Ashley Erickson, owner of The Vintage Boutique @Rustic Buffalo says it’s a wonderful thing when you can have a story behind a product you bought from an artisan.

You are going to need a whole lot more than just one day to get through everything here at Rustic Buffalo. It is the kind of place you are going to want to come back to again and again.

Rustic Buffalo Artisan Market is located on Shawnee Road in North Tonawanda.

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