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Self-care is important – Visit the Tres Aurae Spa

Posted at 6:05 PM, Oct 13, 2020

It is time for some self-care and there is no better place than the Tres Aurae Spa. There are so many ways to spoil yourself at Tres Aurae’ Spa. The massage is the perfect way to destress. Mel talks with owners Joni Shatkin and Dr. Sam Shatkin, Jr. MD. People come in happy and leave happier and relaxed. You can see from their face and bodies that they are much more relaxed.

Dr. Shatkin says it’s interesting because, not just at Tres Aurae Spa, but also at the Aesthetic Associates Centre, people would be calling us up and say when are you going to up your doors when are things going to change back to more normal. He says they had a list of people just like they did at spa, of people who were anxious to get back because they need that break from the daily stress and activity and as soon as the doors opened we both have been very busy, happy to see our clients back.

You really do feel safe with all the COVID protocols they have in place at Tres Aurae Spa. Joni says, when people come in, they’ve been stressed; they’ve been inside for five or six months and we make them feel relaxed and we do it because we are doing all the COVID precautions. We are wearing shields, wearing masks, we have UV lighting, we’re doing air filtration and our staff has been trained by Dr. Shatkin.

Dr. Shatkin says one of the things we offered at our office are medical treatments but there were some individuals who wanted some of the spa services so almost 6 years ago they opened Tres Aurae Spa. He says here people can get massage therapy, which we didn’t offer; they can also get manicures and pedicures. People are getting the complete service that we can offer in all of aesthetics, not just the surgery or the medical treatments they offer at the Aesthetic Associates Centre. Now we have the Tres Aurae Spa to offer those other services. At Tres Aurae Spa, they also do hair, massages, nails, body treatments, hair removal, facials and more.

With the holidays coming it’s a great idea to give the gift of self-care and relaxation to someone you care about with a gift certificate to Tres Aurae Spa. The gift certificate can be used for anything at the spa.


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