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School House 7 – The Summer Slide Day 3

Posted at 5:42 PM, Jun 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-17 17:42:12-04

The summer slide happens when you don’t do any work to maintain your studies in core subjects over the summer resulting falling behind other students who have been working. Today Jay Hall focuses on mathematics.

School House 7 has developed the Magnificent Mathematics 7.

1. Grocery math: The first strategy is grocery math. This helps with cost estimating, price rounding, reading everyday grocery circulars and grocery store math that we all use.

2. Code detector – Write out the alphabet and write the numbers 1 – 26 underneath. Send out and decode number messages.

3. Menu Math – Use menu math for problem solving. How much does is cost for three hamburgers on the menu, etc.

4. Number noter – Numbers in everyday like the tv remote or the microwave. Use this for basic math like addition or percentages.

5. Cooking and measuring – Do this with adult supervision. Cooking and measuring ingredients uses measurement and division skills. ie if you want to triple a recipe or only make half of a recipe.

6. Hundreds hoarders – This uses the concept of 100; divide, multiply and subtracting by/from to 100.

7. Measure maniac – using rulers, yardsticks, measuring tape to measure anything.