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School House 7 – Special’s Week – Day 4

Posted at 4:40 PM, Jun 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-11 16:40:55-04

On School House 7 it is “Special’s Week.” Today Jay Hall focuses on home economics. Home economics is special and there are many things your student can learn that are life-long skills.

1. Cooking – learn about following directions, ingredients, food safety, measurement techniques and using equipment.

2. Money management – this includes counting and spending, savings, check writing, bill payments and investing.

3. Sewing – This will teach your children hand-eye coordination, and original design as well as being therapeutic.

4. Nutrition – Talking about diet, metabolism, digestion, nutrients and malnutrition.

5. Housekeeping – Involve your kids in cleaning and disinfecting, taking the trash out, recycling, and chores. They will need to know these things.

6. Laundry – How to use detergent, safety, drying and folding clothes and having a system.

7. Meal planning – This is time management, grocery shopping and budgeting.

8. Home repairs – Basic maintenance, teaching your kids to use tools and equipment safely.

9. Etiquette – Learning manners, dinner etiquette, phone use and internet.