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School House 7 – Special’s Week Day 2

Posted at 5:40 PM, Jun 09, 2020

On School House 7 it is “Special’s Week.” Today Jay Hall has an art class.

Why is art special

1. Communication – You can build an art vocabulary

a. You can build an art vocabular

b. Evaluate and give feedback

c. Work on emotions and body language as communication

2. Problem solving

a. Building reasoning skills

b. Coming up with different possibilities and

c. Keeping an open mind

3. Organization

a. Time and material management skills and

b. Concentrating on the task at hand

4. Collaboraton

a. Working together

b. Sharing responsibilities

c. Learning from mistakes

5. Creativity

a. Art involves you in originality and innovation

b. Risk taking

6. Technology

a. Variety of medial

b. Social and digital formats

c. Tech tools for you to create important art

7. Social justice

a. Engaging in large community projects like murals

b. Diversity of perspectives

c. Build awareness of other cultures

8. Perseverance

a. Follow through of a project

b. Build healthy work habits

c. Put passion to the paper

Educator Jay Hall from School House 7 takes a variety of things from around the house to create some very easy to make projects at home.