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Robbie Raugh talks portion control

Posted at 9:37 AM, Jul 07, 2020

With summer upon us many of us want to feel great and look great. Maybe you need to lose the quarantine 15. Robbie Raugh has three important tips for you that will help you lose weight, stay lean and increase your energy level.

1. Make sure you are having protein and fiber with every meal to stabilize your blood sugar and keep your metabolism humming. What that means is having protein and fiber with every meal.

2. You also want to make sure you have two thirds of your calories within the first two thirds of your day so that you are not having your biggest meal at night. That way you are burning of the calories that you are taking in within the first two thirds of the day.

3. The other thing is portions. Portions matter when you are trying to stay lean. So, what you want to do is use your hand to help you determine portions. When it comes to protein women can have about the size of the palm of her hand for men it is two palms. For carbohydrates like quinoa, rice and sweet potatoes cup your hand; that will help you measure. Women get one cup of your hand and men two. When it comes to vegetables make a fist. Women can have one fist and men two. To measure fat, use your thumb. Women get one thumb and men two thumbs.

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