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Rinses for Rya dog wash fundraiser at Clyde’s Feed and Animal Center’s Hamburg location

Posted at 4:51 PM, Aug 27, 2021

Clyde’s Feed and Animal Center is all about it when it comes to supporting local rescues and this weekend you can help Clyde’s help a great WNY organization…all You need is a dirty dog.

Jim Millspaugh, owner, Clyde’s Feed and Animal Center says this weekend we are going to be doing a dog wash with all the proceeds going to Seven Hearts Maternity Rescue. The cost of the dog wash is $5

Katie Bratek, Seven Hearts rescue volunteer says Seven Hearts is a maternity rescue and we provide a safe space for pregnant mother dogs and their puppies to come in where they don’t have a threat of euthanasia. She says it is a comfortable place for these babies to find a loving home and goes on to say a lot of dogs that are pregnant are unfortunately euthanized because there is no where for them to go. Along with providing that safe space, she says they provide education on spay and neuter services for those dogs, so it doesn’t happen in the future and so the problem doesn’t continue to escalate.

Seven Hearts supports a network of shelters, from Alabama to West Virginia. And this weekend the fundraising focus is on a puppy named Rya.

Katie says they have an injured dog coming up, Rya. Rya has a broken leg. The cost for her vetting is going to be about $1,000 but we are lucky we have a local place to go to fundraise and with the people of WNY hopefully here for Rya.

Jim says besides the dog wash they will have a lot of basket raffles going on, there will be a lot of vendors there giving away a lot of giveaways and they are going to have a photo booth where you can take pictures after your dog has been cleaned off and dried.

And if you are looking to adopt you can do that as well this weekend. 7 Hearts Maternity Rescue will be bringing their fosters to Clyde’s.

“Rinses for Rya” dog wash fundraiser is this Saturday from 10 ‘til 2 at Clyde’s Feed and Animal Center in Hamburg.

A GoFundMe page has also been set up for those who want to help Rya but cannot attend the event: []

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