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Ride out the summer with an RV Getaway

Posted at 3:31 PM, Jul 16, 2020

This summer RV’s are going to save vacations. After spending months at home cooped up inside, many people are trying to book, or rebook, those much-needed vacations. But with pandemic-related restrictions keeping flight and hotel options limited, people are looking for low-risk ways to venture out this summer.

John Gray, CEO of RVshare joins us to talk about why you should hit the road. Here are his 5 tips when it comes to renting a RV.

1. Think you what kind of trip you want to have. Do you want to drive a RV, tow it behind your vehicle or to you want it delivered to the campground you are going to.

2. Be thoughtful of your budget. You still have to book campgrounds and you still need to pay for gas.

3. Rent though a respectable site like RVshare because there are some considerations that you have booking a RV than renting a car. If you have insurance that covers you when you drive a car, its not the same as having insurance to cover you to driving an RV.

4. When you book a RV through RVshare, you’ll meet with the owner and walk through the RV and you can also do a test drive with the RV. These things can give you a lot of comfort around operating an RV that you might not have if you are a first-timer.

5. Be flexible. The part of the RV trip that makes it great is the journey. If you regiment your trip too much, you’re going to have less fun.

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