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Rick Martinez Captain Jack for hire

Posted at 3:39 PM, Aug 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-05 15:39:54-04

Sumer vacation is in full affect but one of the challenges is getting our children to read. It is Captain Jack’s mission to help. Actually. this is Upstate New York personality/author Rick Martinez who joining us today to tell us more. He is the author of Goodnight Ship and he wrote it because he likes pirates and also he says, “the past couple of years during all that craziness, we couldn’t go anywhere and I was doing a Facebook live show reading to the kids because I usually go to libraries and schools and read to the kids and get them excited about reading.” He is also doing a library tour for summer reading which is “oceans of possibilities.”

Captain Jack says, a good friend of mine said that we should do something about letting the kids know it is going to be okay about what’s going on, and how a pirate deals with the pandemic so I wrote “A Captains Quandary” basically letting kids know everything is okay, if we work together and stick together everything is going to be alright.”

Captain Jack says, “Read and imagine, that’s the thing that has been lost.”

Rick Martinez is Captain Jack for hire CNY and if you would like more information about this or his books go to