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Resurgence to the Rescue pet friendly event

Posted at 6:10 PM, Jul 20, 2021

Mel is at Clyde’s Feed and Animal Center who are big supporters of local rescues. While there she spoke with . Kim says on August 1st there is going to be a big event at Resurgence where every one is going to come together and raise money for the shelters and bring awareness that there are so many homeless animals in the community that need your support. The event is from noon to 4pm.

Kimberly says it is very important to shop local because these local business owners are the ones giving back to the community, so we need to give back and support them, so they are able to continue their missions.

Julie Morrella, sponsorship coordinator at the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter says they appreciate stores like Clyde’s because they build life-long relationships with their clients and it’s not just a matter of a sale to them it’s matter of getting to know each family and the animals they care for. Throughout their lives they are able to suggest what might be a good fit for their lifestyle and they appreciate having animal experts like Clyde’s on their side.

When you are at Clyde’s Feed and Animal Shelter be sure to pick up a pup cup. The pup cup is a little cup of ice cream and a little biscuit on top for your four-legged friends. Jim Millspaugh, owner of Clyde’s Feed and Animal Center says they will be selling the pup cup treats and says 100% of the proceeds are going to be donated to The Ten Live’s Club and the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter and they are really proud to do that.

Click here to go to Clyde’s Feed and Animal Center’s website.