Repurpose Items for Garden Art with Melinda Myers

Repurpose Items for Garden Art with Melinda Myers
Posted at 1:15 PM, Aug 29, 2017

Preserve memories, create a bit of garden art or grow plants on or in discarded items and those headed to the recycling center.

Convert old toys like this child size wheelbarrow and old wagon into planters by adding a few drainage holes and filling with plants.

And save your old work boots or edge your garden with colorful overturned wine bottle or discarded bowling balls collected from family and friends.

Use old chairs or headboards to support tall plants within or at the edge of a garden bed.

Combine found items to create a bit of garden art. Overturned blue votive candle holders become long lasting bluebells while old bicycle wheels filled with translucent glass plates are forever flowers in the garden.

Look for these undiscovered treasures in your shed, garage or local yard sale.