Reimagining Life With MS And Summer Cooking Tips With Chef Ben Ford

Reimaging Life WIth MS By The Grill
Posted at 11:22 AM, Jun 21, 2017

Chef Ben Ford is best known for his hands-on approach to cooking and large-scale home entertaining, and his 2014 cookbook, Taming the Feast: Ben Ford's Field Guide to Adventurous Cooking. He officially earned his cooking stripes at some of the country's most established restaurants and alongside several of America's most treasured culinary icons.

Ben is well known for his love for outdoor grilling, smoking and roasting. As we head into summer, he wants to share advice related to backyard dining that addresses some of the challenges people with MS may face, like heat intolerance and dexterity issues.

Reimagine MySelf is a program dedicated to encouraging people living with relapsing MS to reimagine life with the chronic disease, and make small but impactful changes in their lives.