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Red carpet fashions and skincare

Posted at 3:43 PM, Mar 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-22 15:43:15-04

Celebrity dermatologist Dr. Doris Day and national style and entertainment correspondent Lilliana Vazquez join Mel and Emily to spill secrets on the red carpet fashion and more.

Lilliana says people are so excited to return to the glitz and glamour or the red carpet season and we are going to see a lot of color; we have already been seeing it throughout the season. She goes on to say you have seen some of the biggest stars show up in the brightest hues, colors we have never thought we would see on the carpet, whether it is tangerine or poppy, yellow, pinks and blues, and I have a feeling we are going to see a lot of that because these actresses want to make a statement on the carpet and there is no better way to do that than in bold bright colors. Lilliana says you are also going to see a lot of really interesting design, a lot of architectural details in these dresses but one thing that I think is really new and very fresh that is something we can actually steal from the runway are cut-outs. She says we’ve seen these kind of daring and baring slits, whether it is on the leg, the back or ribcage or the abdomen and she says you are going to continue see a lot of that because it makes a dress so interesting, so modern, so new again and that’s so amazing for these stars because it has us talking and looking at it from all angles, we are going to see these photos from all angles. What’s so great about it, Lilliana says is that it is something we can wear in our regular lives as well and if anything, skin is in whether it is red carpet season or spring or summer.

Speaking of skin, how does Dr. Day prep the stars for their glamourous red carpet moments? Dr. Day says everyone in her office is a celebrity client and everyone is a VIP so I am always trying to get people ready for whatever great event they have coming up. She goes on to say they start by doing a calendar and planning ahead and this is simple things like sunscreen everyday year-round, antioxidants, peptides, great ingredients that you can even sometimes get at the drugstore. There are lots of grades and levels of skincare that you can use and then Dr. Day says there are really good in-office treatments you can get that are non-surgical, non-invasive that can help stimulate the collagen and give you that firmness of the skin because your skin is about 70 to 80 percent collagen and over time it can break down and naturally age and that can be accelerated from lifestyle and sun exposure factors. She says I always look to improve that and one of the things I do in the office to improve that is a treatment for every skin tone that can be done anytime year-round and it is Thermage. Dr. Day says she looks for radio frequency energy; it provides heat deep into the skin that can stimulate that collagen and what’s great about that is that it is approved for use around the eyes, on the face the decollete, on the abdomen, around the knees, the buttocks everywhere Lilliana was talking about that are going to be revealed this time of year on all different skin tones and I love the confidence that comes with having beautiful healthy firm skin and I look at it from all different levels. She says it’s not superficial, it’s actually really important because that confidence gets exuded and that for me your every day red carpet. She says I want everyone to feel as beautiful as every celebrity on the red carpet so see your dermatologist, make sure you are a good candidate for any treatment you use or any skincare product you are using and do simple things like get enough sleep and enough water, try to have a healthy diet as much as you can. She goes on to say s nobody has to be perfect you just have to be good enough about it and then use sunscreen everyday all year round, then see your doctor or dermatologist about treatments you can do every so often to maintain and improve the quality of your skin so you can age beautifully.