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Recipes for life – Lithuanian beet salad

Posted at 6:24 PM, Nov 30, 2021

Recipes for life – Lithuanian beet salad

Mercedes Wilson is with her friend Katherine Lucas and Katherine is making a Lithuanian beet salad. Katherine says this a traditional Lithuanian dish. Her father came here from Lithuania after World War II along with a lot of other displaced people that had came to Western New York and created an unofficial family. Katherine says everybody longs for home and longs for memories and one of those memories you can carry with you is food, so recreating those recipes became very important to them.

Katherine says her father had a big garden and an orchard so we would have our apples, our own pickled beets, our own cucumbers, to make it and this was at every gathering, every week when we would fill the house with people, and it was such an important series of flavors for me. Katherine says her husband is from Italy and it turns out his mother makes something very similar and it is called Russian salad.

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