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Recipes for life – Khloe’s favorite dish

Posted at 4:30 PM, Jun 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-20 16:30:58-04

Today Mercedes Wilson is joined by her friend Michelle who is making Khloe’s favorite dish. Khloe is her pet dog. The recipe is made with human food. She uses ground turkey, rice, broccoli and seasoning. She even makes Khloe treats made from peanut butter, banana and yogurt.

She started doing this for her dog Khloe, an English Bulldog and Beagle mix who is two years old. Michelle says she hurt herself a few months ago to where she couldn’t walk or jump on things and was in a lot of pain. She says she took her to the vet, and they did a wonder job and gave her meds, but she was just sedated, it wasn’t fixing the issue and she talked to her pastor about it and she recommended going to a vet alternative, which she did. Michelle says, “One of the things they talked about was to consider changing her diet because like human food, a lot of time there are fillers and just chemicals in there that truly contribute to ailments and inflammation in the body.”

Where does she get her recipes from? Michelle says the vet alternative told her what she can make her meal up of, so mostly protein, some veggie and a starch or a carb. She makes what her dog is not being picky about. She says you can do all kinds of things; research what’s good for dogs on the internet, Pinterest, all those places are a great resource for recipes and resources for you.

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