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Recipes for life – Dave’s two moms split pea soup

Posted at 4:08 PM, Jan 06, 2022

Mercedes Wilson is with her friend Dave from WYRK. Dave is making split pea soup. He says he likes to call this his two mom’s split pea soup. Growing up he was the only one besides his mom that liked split pea soup. He says on cold days his mom would make it and it would be our time; she would make it for me and her and we would sit down at the table and talk about life when we have our split pea soup. He says I lost my mom about seven years unexpectedly, and so one day after the holidays my mother-in-law came up to our house and dropped me off a crock pot full of split pea soup and she says hey, I know this was a connection with your mom, we had left over ham and I wanted to make this for you and see how you like it and it was delicious. He says she made it for me and it tasted so good and it brought it back to the memories of my mom and I was like you must have spent all day making this, and I found out it is as easy as making it in the crock pot and it freezes really good. Dave says now I make it for my wife and I so on cold days we can have it and think about my mom and there you go two mom’s split pea soup.

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