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Recipes for life – Chef Darian’s Curry Chicken

Posted at 7:16 PM, Aug 02, 2021

Today Chef Darian Byran joins Mercedes Wilson to make curry chicken. Chef Darian says when ever he cooks, especially Jamaican food, the colors especially the red and the green, remind him of home all the time and the coconut milk, rice and they use the curry powders that scream Jamaica to him. He says it reminds him of having his mom in the cookshop as a little boy growing up and he was 12 helping her everyday in the cookshop and when she left to come to the U.S. he took over in the cookshop and he was only 15 running the cookshop. Chef Darian says he saw the way food made people happy and said he wanted to be a chef. He is from a big family, growing up they had 23 living in one home so says food is everything to him. Chef Darian says he started cooking beautiful food for beautiful people.

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