Raw Truth Recharge

Robbie Raugh and the Raw Truth Recharge
Posted at 11:53 AM, Aug 04, 2017

The Raw Truth is about Faith, Family, Food, Fitness, Detox, Sleep and Stress management, Health and more – and how all of them our vital to our Health, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Being healthy is about much more than just physical health, eating right, exercising, and preventing disease. It doesn’t matter how well you eat right and exercise if you don’t pay attention to the 7 Truths Robbie is about to teach you. It’s more than just physical health - it’s mind – body – soul – spirit.  And that’s the Raw Truth!

Robbie Raugh, a Registered Nurse, is an internationally known Integrative Health, Fitness, Nutrition Practitioner and Master Trainer. She also teaches fitness classes at Catalyst Fitness and runs a busy practice as a Nutritionist at The Fountain Wellness Center. She is also the featured Instructor of four Raw Energy Fitness Exercise Videos, and The Kinetic Workout Live Exercise Video.  Robbie is an international Speaker, and Author of The Raw Truth Recharge Book – 7 Truths to Health and Fitness.