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Ramos and Ramos, caring attorneys, helping good people

Posted at 4:51 PM, Nov 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-24 16:51:41-05

Mel Camp is at the law offices of Ramos and Ramos. This is the law firm that in the last five years had the biggest jury verdict in all of Western New York. Ramos and Ramos is a law firm that started by Josh Ramos and his wife about six years ago. Josh Ramos said they just started helping friends and family starting when it was just the two of them with no staff whatsoever and they just really love helping people out and naturally they fell into a couple of areas of practice including personal injury and workmen’s comp. His wife who is his law partner does a lot of real estate and helps a lot of people buy and sell homes.

Mel inquired when is the best time to contact a lawyer if you are buying a home or if you been injured. Josh says it never hurts to do it upfront. Ideally, he says, in a perfect world you wouldn’t need them but unfortunately, most people, don’t know the law and they’re getting into something. He says it doesn’t hurt to reach out, whether it is their firm or someone else’s. Josh Ramos says always reach out and say ‘is there something I need to be protected on,’ especially with what we do here. He says the calls are always free, and most personal injury firms the calls are free. It doesn’t cost anything to sign someone up. The same thing for the real estate. He says they don’t really charge people until they close. It doesn’t hurt to reach out up front because there’s nothing worse than not being protected down the road.

He said they started out with just the two of them but now they have over 30 employees of Western New York that work there and are always available to take calls, answer questions. If you have a question call. They are happy to help you. Josh says the reason he tells people to call them is because that, at the end of the day, it’s not about their case and how much money they can get; it’s actually about their medical recovery. He says there are a lot of good hardworking people who get up in the morning and didn’t plan on getting hurt or in a car accident or slip and fall at work. He says their goal is to say let’s work with you right away to get you into treatment to make sure you can get back to work and make sure you get healthy again. That is the most important thing for them. He says they don’t look at a case and say let’s set this up to make a million dollars. He says that’s not why they take cases, they do do that but at the end of they day he wants his clients to get back to work. They didn’t want to sue anybody; they didn’t want to go after insurance claims they wanted to get better and that’s what they focus on, really making sure the client can get in with their doctors, they can get treated, they can get better; and they can go back to being a parent or a sibling and get back to work again. He says because at the end of the day these people have bills; they have rent, mortgages, and that’s what matters to him and the attorney’s that work there.

If you would like to reach to Ramos & Ramos give them a call at 716-810-6140.
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