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Pet Talk with Dr. Reed Stevens

Posted at 6:15 PM, Jul 06, 2020

Pet obesity is a very big problem in North America. Sixty percent of dogs and 56% of cats are overweight. It is a chronic problem. Studies show it shortens their life up to two years. It also affects their quality of life including cancers, skin problems, diabetes, and degenerative joint disease. All of these things not only affect your pet’s quality of life but it also causes your vet bills to be higher. Dr. Stevens has these tips to help you.

1. Take your pets regular diet and cut it by 25%

2. Kibble for treats. – Take everything else and throw it out. Kibble is all your pet should get for treats.

3. Use lower calorie food. Ask your vet for a prescription diet. The best way to get weight off your pet is to start with prescription diets.

4. Exercise is very important so get your pet out and moving.

5. Get monthly weight checks at your vet.

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