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Pet Talk Tuesday with Dr. Reed Stevens

Posted at 5:34 PM, Jun 02, 2020

Today is Pet Talk Tuesday and Dr. Reed Stevens talks about an important topic, COVID-19 puppy syndrome. The socialization aspect of puppies and what vets are seeing from puppies adopted during COVID-19 or adopted soon before COVID-19 and what’s happening with the puppies. On the front end it’s about puppy socialization or lack of socialization they get outside the home. The second phase o f this is what happens when we all go back to work leaving the puppies at home alone when they are used to having everyone around.

Dr. Stevens recommendation is to get your puppies out. Make a play date, go out to the park, social distancing, wear your masks, stay safe but get the puppies playing with other puppies. Check your dog parks, check on dog socialization groups or start your own.

What happens when you go back to work? These puppies have been doted on, played with and you’ve been home 24/7. You may have been taking the puppy out on every outing. It’s important for you leave the house. It doesn’t have to be eight hours, five days a week. The puppy doesn’t know time so, if you’re gone for two or four hours and the puppy is safe in his kennel, or in the kitchen, wherever you are keeping your puppy safe, so he doesn’t get into harm’s way or make a mess somewhere. Spend some time away from your puppy and get your puppies out playing.