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Pet Talk Tuesday – Valentine’s Day

Posted at 7:46 PM, Feb 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-09 19:46:35-05

Dr. Stephanie Wolf has a few reminders to keep your pet safe this Valentine’s Day.

Pet safe bouquets are an absolute must. If you don’t know, are unfamiliar with the florist you are using or if you are using the internet order a basic arrangement, something that you know they won’t throw something exotic in there. As our tastes have changed over the years so have our flower arrangements and they can become potentially deadly depending on what is included.

Another reminder is to have your florist take the thorns off the roses. We don’t want any of those thorns to end up in paws, mouths, tongues, or places they really don’t belong.

Veterinary emergency visits on Valentine’s Day evening are never fun and most of all they are not cheap.

Also, any sort of food or drink left unattended on a table; make certain it is cleaned up immediately. Dr. Wolf says that doesn’t mean you don’t immediately have to jump up right after eating to go to the kitchen but keep in mind it is real simple for those curious tongues to lap up gravy, left over drinks, or knock over champaign flutes. You name it, they can do it in an amazing record amount of time.

Gift bows, wrapping paper, anything that you use to share gifts, presents, resist the urge to decorate you pet with. It’s amazing how quickly those bows can get swallowed and become obstructions.

Chocolate of any sort is an absolute no-no. Anything sweet keep it away from your pet.

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