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Pet Talk Tuesday – Ticks and Lyme disease

Posted at 5:15 PM, Sep 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-22 17:15:12-04

Dr. Reed Stevens talks about a very serious disease in dogs, probably the most serious disease we are facing in dogs today in terms of infectious diseases from parasites. This is because tick born disease that is Lyme disease carried by ticks affects dogs lifelong. Fortunately for cats, they can carry a tick, they are not really at risk for getting Lyme disease but unfortunately humans are. Protecting your dog from ticks also protects families from ticks. He says you don’t have to leave the patio or low grass to find a tick. Dr. Reed says they are finding ticks on possibly on every patient.

Why is tick born disease and Lyme disease important? The affects of it can be lifelong and it can be very debilitating just like it can be in people. Unlike humans it nearly 100% preventable in dogs. Almost every dog is at risk for getting a tick worm disease and we can also prevent it.

How do we prevent it? In three steps. Dr. Reed Stevens believes every dog should have a test every year for exposure to tick worm diseases, Lyme being number one.

The second level of protection is to get your dog on a good product to prevent ticks. There are many products for tick prevention over the counter. He says the Advantage products, Frontier, topical products are all available online or at the pet store. The best products will come from your veterinarian. Not only can your veterinarian the best value but also your veterinarian is going to provide the best guarantee. Many of the companies that make these products will actually pay for treatment of your pet if you’re using a vet supplied product in the appropriate way. There are some great products now out there that actually combine heartworm with intestinal parasites control with the flea and tick control and they are chewable and you take it once a month. There is one every three months for fleas and ticks.

The third level of protection for tick born diseases are vaccinations. There are actually vaccinations out here now that can guarantee your pets protections from Lyme disease carried by ticks.

Dr. Stevens says it’s really important our pets are protected. He says you can worry about Lyme and ticks, but you don’t have too because the protection your veterinarian offers is so great.

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