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Pet Talk Tuesday – The internet is not your vet

Posted at 6:14 PM, Oct 19, 2021

Dr. Reed Stevens is talking about the internet and your pet and the good and bad advice that comes from that. There are lots of reasons that people turn to the internet. Dr. Stevens says they may be very busy, their vet may be very busy, especially these days, you have late night questions, you’re scared, for you pet’s health or you are looking for a lower cost option. He says Dr. Google, Facebook groups, they provide a lot of good information, well-intentioned people giving information about their own personal experience. The problem is that it is not the complete picture. He says they are missing that very important process of putting together the history of the pet, the age of the pet, the physical exam, the history of the clinical signs. They all integrate even before you do the bloodwork or x-rays or any other kind of fancier workup to find out what’s really going on and that’s what your veterinarian is doing for you.

Dr. Stevens says there are some good sites out there. Take a look at your veterinarian’s website. They most likely have some links to good sources for information. The American Red Cross has a pet section with good information on CPR for your pet and pet first aid. Your vet may be offering telemedicine where you can get online with your pet and have a direct conversation with your veterinarian, with your pet’s records in front of your vet so they can find out what’s going on and help you with that.

If you are experiencing bleeding from the nose, mouth, stool or urine, see your vet. He says difficulty breathing is very incredible and get to your vet. Other signs: not eating or drinking for a couple of days, straining to urinate, seizures, traumas such as a dog fight or hit by a car; any kind of eye issue you need to see to your vet right away and if there is vomiting for more than 24 hours or diarrhea for more than 48 hours please get to your vet.

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