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Pet Talk Tuesday – The Importance of wellness bloodwork for your pet

Posted at 5:28 PM, Dec 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-01 17:28:03-05

Dr. Susan Wylegala discusses wellness blood work that they recommend for their patients. She says one of the things we have to remember is our patients can’t speak to us and sometimes the symptoms that pets will show the vet are incredibly subtle. They are very good at hiding illness. It is a natural instinct for them not to show it. One of the ways you can find out that everything is normal as it can possibly be is to do wellness bloodwork. That includes even young pets. Dr. Wylegala says you’d be surprised at the number of abnormalities both liver function, kidney function, blood sugar, electrolytes that they can find on basic wellness bloodwork. She says this bloodwork is really pretty comprehensive and it’s an inclusive set of informational facts for your vet.

When your veterinarian recommends some basic wellness screening and you think your pet looks fine, Dr. Wylegala strongly recommends you reconsider and get a baseline blood sample on your pets; what is normal for them and hopefully they won’t find anything abnormal. She says that is the best way they can keep your pet as healthy as possible and make sure there isn’t any underlying diseases that they can’t see or they can’t feel on a physical.

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