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Pet Talk Tuesday – Pet first aid kits

Posted at 4:17 PM, May 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-25 16:17:34-04

A lot of people are out traveling, people are more active, and pets are more active. Dr. Stevens says it is important to be prepared at home as well as travel for pet emergency.

Dr. Reed Stevens says it will give a great sense of confidence in the event of an emergency to have everything organized in a kit. You can buy pet first aid kits. Dr. Stevens says he likes to build his own.

Dr. Stevens has a couple of thought on what you should have. If your pet is really injured, have a good well- fitting muzzle. Any pet store can help you fit a muzzle on your dog. These are temporary and not meant to go for walks. If your pet is in a lot of pain, they can bite you; cat or dog, so having a muzzle on hand; making sure you aren’t using it if they are having difficulty breathing.

Have a pair of tweezers to clean a wound or to pull off a tick. Remember to pull straight up if you are pulling a tick off.

Keep a pair of scissors to cut bandage material. Also keep a little bottle of hydrogen peroxide and remember to change it at least twice a year to fresh because it doesn’t work if it is stale and another bottle of surgical scrub, betadine or hexedine works. Have a syringe to pull up that surgical scrub and squirt out a wound to keep it clean before you apply a bandage.

Forget regular bandages. They work good for you but not your pet. They won’t stick to their fur.

Have a leash on hand. It is good to catch a stray pet.

Antibiotic ointment. Dr. Stevens says he likes A&D ointment for surface abrasions or triple antibiotic if you have a wound is just fine. Also, non-adhesive pads to go over the wound and then they make this stuff called vet wrap. It is stretchy and it can go around the wound. It is self-adherent, so it works really well.

Finally, Dr. Stevens likes to have a heat blanket. You can wrap the pet in it to keep their body temperature warm and of course, call your veterinarian.

Click here to go to the Niagara Frontier Veterinary Society.