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Pet Talk Tuesday gardens and pets

Posted at 6:22 PM, May 19, 2020

It’s Pet Talk Tuesday and today local veterinarian Dr. Lucas Kandefer says sometimes some things in our garden aren’t always compatible with our pets, garden beds in particular.

People will put down slug bait because they are worried about slugs causing problems with the plants. These are extremely toxic to our dogs and cats so making sure if you have pets you don’t want to use them in the garden.

Another thing people plant are onions and garlic. Both of these can be toxic. Even the stems and things that grow over the top can cause problems with your pets; blood disorder in dogs that can be significant. You don’t want to grow these around dogs and if you do that your dog doesn’t have access to it.

Rhododendrons can cause GI problems. It’s nota as common for dogs to eat them. Dr. Kandefer says as in his garden you just don’t know what your pet is going to get into and watching them over and over your get to know what they may go after and this can be really important.
Black walnut trees are toxic to dogs. Pick up the walnuts right away to help with that.
When you see your dog walking around like they are drunk its intoxication. It is exposure to toxins. It helps to know when something is going on.