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Pet Talk Tuesday – Fire safety and pets

Posted at 6:06 PM, Oct 12, 2021

Dr. Susan Wylegala discusses fire safety and prevention as far as pets and fires are concerned. She says just like people it is really best if you have a plan in place as opposed to the worse-case scenario ever happening and you have a fire and you have to quickly think about how to take care of your pet.

First and foremost, there are labels and stickers you can place on outside doors that will let firefighters know if you have any animals in your home and you can fill it out to let them know for instance if you have two dogs or two cats or what species you have so that they do understand that there are pets inside that if at all possible should be saved and try to get them out.

Dr. Wylegala says if it something where you are home you want to make sure that you have cat carriers readily to grab for your cat. You can you want to have those things that will keep your pet safe readily available so, pet carriers, leashes, collars, all of those things should at the exits; you always know where they are, they are always easily accessible and allows you to put them on or put your pet into safe environment quickly.

Have someone that you know, who is willing to take your pets if you are dealing with a fire or an aftermath of a fire. So again you are keeping your pets as safe as you possibly can, as quickly as you possibly can.

She says have an emergency supply of medications and foods. It always a good idea whether we are talking about fires or any form of evacuation that you need to do. You always want to be able to not have to collect those things quickly but have an emergency supply readily available.

Dr. Wylegala says with anything we are talking about in an emergency basis, it really is that preplanning that makes it safe as possible and will allow you to get your pets out of the home as quickly, as you safely can in the horrible event that you do have a fire in your home.

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