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Pet Talk Tuesday – Easter and Pets

Posted at 5:36 PM, Mar 30, 2021

It’s that time of year when we think of cute bunny rabbits and adorable little chicks. Dr. Stephanie Wolf is here to tell us how to keep this holiday safe and happy for all of us. She says please don’t buy your friends and family surprises of Easter specific animals. Pet ownership comes with extreme responsibilities, commitments and sometimes a fair number of resources financially and otherwise. Dr. Wolf says if your friends are prepared for a cute little chick or duck, terrific, if not leave those surprises to the stuffed or edible variety.

Keep in mind, that the Easter table for us is a feast of enjoyment but it can cause your animal a fair amount of distress both in terms of tummy issues but also any sort of boney material may leave you with a stained carpet but your pet may be left with far worse. Try and keep their diets like they normally may be. If you want to do a little boiled chicken or boiled turkey, Dr. Wolf says there is nothing wrong with that, but if you want to just reach down with a little piece of ham with gravy please don’t.

Easter baskets can be particularly problematic. Dr. Wolf cautions everyone. When putting them together, if you are going to give them to any of your family or friends who have pets please be mindful of a few things. Plastic grass is not digestible at all. It can be very very dangerous. Use the paper grass. Make sure you don’t use any sort of chocolate in any form, any sort of sugar-free candies as they can be very very toxic and keep in mind anything that has wrappers, foil, cellophane can serve as a blockage or if nothing else a very bad tummy ache. Dr. Wolf says we all know about lilies. They are a no-no.

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