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Paula’s Donuts and Hospice Foundation team up and Summer Affair

Posted at 4:11 PM, May 27, 2021

Emily Carrier, Hospice Foundation special events manager says they are happy to share with the Western New York community that they partnered up with Paula’s Donuts again to have another special donut this year. The flavor is a cannoli Nutella chocolate chip donut. The official launch is Friday, May 28th through Sunday, May 30th. You can also pre-order them.

Summer Affair will not exactly the same this year because of COVID. They have decided not to have an in-person event this year but they made some adjustments and Emily Carrier says they are still going to offer the public something fun and exciting that they can do at their homes or if they want to go somewhere else and have a small gathering they will be able to do this. She says they have partnered with Resurgence Brewery and Hartman’s Distillery to provide a beer or spirit kit. It will be launched at the end of May on their website. They will also have some fun raffles including an alcohol wheelbarrow raffle and summer fun basket raffle.